This is me!

I am Michelle!

I am a self-taught artist and surface pattern designer based in the beautiful town of Upton upon Severn in Worcestershire, UK.

I’m a little bit hippy. I love all things flowery and retro! And I am a little bit woo-woo. I believe in manifesting and affirmations, positive thinking, and the power of the Universe. I’m on the fence about crystals but essentially, I think that if something works for you and makes you feel better and more positive, then go for it!

I am introverted extrovert. I do love to be sociable but in short sharp bursts. And then I need time to gather myself again!

Me & Hubby

To me, life is about appreciating the little things and spending time creating memories with the people I love.

My hubby is my soul mate, my bestie and my partner in crime. Among other things, we love to watch movies together, and binge watch TV series. I love just hanging out with him.


And we love disappearing for the weekend in our gorgeous camper van Gigi!

We haven’t ventured far in her yet, as she is a recent addition to our family. But we plan to spend a lot more time travelling around in her in the future.

Why Art? Art is my soul food!

I create art because I feel better when I do.

Life can be messy. Beautiful, uncomfortable, weird, wonderful, chaotic, predictable, totally unexpected. But it should always be full of colour.

Art allows me to create the colour regardless of what is going on.

My Story

Life is always throwing us a series of curve balls. And I have definitely had my share of them.

But we learn to survive and thrive. And these curve balls can often lead us to unexpected places.

It was one such curve ball that led me back to creativity. And the creative streak that I once had as a child was reignited. With bells on!

Delving into the deeper meaning of my creativity has allowed me to see that life is beautifully fractured. It twists and turns, bends and breaks, but despite all of this, there is always beauty to be found.

We all experience fracture points in our lives – pivotal moments (big and small) where our paths waiver and change.

It’s not always easy to see the beauty in these moments. But it can be found if you look for it.

Sometimes we need a hand though – I know I do – a reminder that we are not alone in this beautifully fractured life.

My art helps me to remember to look for the beauty, especially when things are tough. And I find that surrounding myself with pretty stuff helps things to seem a little less rough around the edges.

Art that speaks to your heart is not frivolous; it’s vital. And if my art can help you feel a little brighter and a little less alone too, then that’s a win in my eyes.

My Other Why

I have always been different.

I never really felt like I fit in. I never followed mainstream trends.

I used to see this as a bad thing. But now I fully embrace it.

I don’t want to fit in. I don’t want to follow mainstream trends.

I love being different. I love being me!

So my designs reflect this. They reflect my individuality.

And my hope is that in creating designs that aren’t your run of the mill, find on the high street kind of designs, they will also help you to express your individuality too.

My Style

Through experimenting with my art, different mediums and techniques, my style is developing.

I love bold, vibrant pieces. But I love pretty pieces too.

My obsession with flowers is usually at the forefront! Any pieces that don’t involve flowers seem to involve bold lines and shapes. And some involve both, just to satisfy my love of bold and pretty!

I love to play with acrylic paints, especially with a palette knife. But I also love the flow of

Essentially, I just love playing and creating!

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